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Looking for a job is hard work. Before you roll up your sleeves and start firing off resumes, consider stepping back to take a more strategic approach.


LinkedIn has more than 500 million professionals worldwide and capturing the attention of even a fraction of this network can help you land internships, jobs, and valuable connections. 


First Things First: Getting Started

  • Create your profile as an individual member on LinkedIn
  • Update your profile so it summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your LinkedIn profile is an important piece of your online presence. It can help you to make a strong impression on those that view your profile and can entice professionals to contact you. 
  • Follow the KJ SIMSR page
  • You may want to add alumni of your college(or join the alumni group of KJ SIMSR)


Increase Visibility: Rocking your LinkedIn Profile


Headline and Photo


  • Your LinkedIn headline can be 120 characters-long.
  • Make sure it describes your areas of expertise completely. Include function, industry and keywords (nouns not adjectives). 
  • Use a professional photo. Research shows people like Put your best face forward.



  • Showcase your expertise, experience, achievements, awards, and interests in the summary section. Tell a story, do not just add bullet points. 



  • Do not make it too long, people have a very short attention span.  
  • Add company description (only if it is not a well-known company), key responsibilities and any quantifiable achievements. 
  • If you have had multiple jobs at one company, make a separate entry for each new function or promotion. 
  • Include any honors, awards, or promotions.    



  • Recommendations, as you might have an idea, are a great way to snag that job or internship you have been dreaming of. Request recommendations from individuals who know your work well, and let them know the key areas or projects you’d like them to highlight. 
  • If you are changing careers, find someone who has seen you perform some of the skills required in your new profession. 


Leverage LinkedIn: Building your brand


Join groups: Group membership allows you to reach target individuals without having to know their email address or having a first-degree connection. This way you can grow your network and expand your follower base.


Publish on LinkedIn: Write short-form updates or long-form articles to showcase your thoughts and ideas to potential recruiters. Let them know you are more than just a few degrees.  


Job, company and people search: Search jobs by title, company, industry, and region. You can save your searches and receive alerts on a daily or weekly basis. You can also read the background of hiring managers prior to interviews. Discover contacts to whom you can reach out for informational interviews, ask your LinkedIn connections to introduce you to their contacts at target companies. 


Follow: You can follow influencers or experts in your field. You can follow company pages and groups to get regular updates on your area of interest.


The Way In: Getting the Job


Showcase: Mention your skills in the “Skills” section, this will help make you more discoverable to recruiters. Keep headline of your LinkedIn profile clear.

  • The job of a good headline is to help you appear in searches and to attract views to your profile. Use words recruiters are likely to use when searching LinkedIn for candidates. Encourage clicks by crafting a headline that is clear, specific and engaging.
  • LinkedIn will generate a headline for you based on your latest education or experience. “Student at KJ SIMSR” is clear but vague. “MBA Student at KJ SIMSR” is better, but doesn’t tell a recruiter if you have the experience or interest they’re looking for. Consider fuller headlines like “KJ SIMSRgraduate with a passion for finance and accounting” or “Sales specialist, passionate about all things digital&KJ SIMSR MBA specializing in Strategic Management”


Job Search: The search box at the top of the homepage, when you log in, can be used but is not advisable. Ideally one should set up saved job alerts. Create one or more searches in the Jobs tab on your home page, then save them. You can select daily or weekly email alerts when new jobs that meet your criteria are posted


Networking:Networking is paramount to professional success. No matter the industry, your career progression hinges upon developing relationships with like-minded professionals, leveraging mentors, and serving as a resource to others. Before embarking on your career search, use the following tactics to make networking magic. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 89% of career builders networked while seeking their current job. Of those who networked with former colleagues, 53% reported those networking efforts as having effectively helped them land their job. And those who reached out to a former boss reported it as 61% effective. 


At KJ SIMSR, the curriculum comprises of a blend of core and elective courses, assorted from different functional as well as cross functional areas. The core courses build up the basic foundation for the students, while the elective courses allow them to take up subjects from their areas of interest and delve deeper into the same. Some of the special electives and courses that the institute has to offer are: Enterprise Resource Planning (Live exercise wherein students use SAP software for managing a virtual company, managing different company resources and competing in the real-time virtual marketplace),Rural Marketing (in which students are encouraged to villages to understand the rural market and device a strategy for products and brands), Operations Research (in which students learn to use analytical method of problem-solving and decision-making),Securities and Portfolio Management (in which students analyze real stocks and historic data for  risks and returns of different stocks & come up with an ideal portfolio as per requirements of clients), Competency Management (in which students set up an assessment lab, wherein different candidates were assessed for their Leadership Skills), Cloud computing and IoT, Big data analytics, Media Analytics, Advanced Financial Management and Digital Marketing


So, tell your story on LinkedIn and make yourself memorable!


“Most people think the best way to excel at an interview is to answer questions better than any other candidate. But, the more important skill is to weave those questions into a story, a narrative that gives the interviewer a sense of who you are and what you’re about.”

 – Jim Citrin, CEO Recruiter

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