• 25 Aug, 2018
    /simsr/connects/events/811/spriha-18 SPRIHA-18
  • 12 Oct, 2018
    /simsr/connects/events/822/cepar_2018_conference CEPAR 2018 Conference
  • 23 Nov, 2018
    /simsr/connects/events/806/1st_international_conference_on_challenges_in_emerging_economies 1st International Conference on Challenges in Emer.....
  • 14 Dec, 2018
    /simsr/connects/events/810/simsr_global_supply_chain_management SIMSR Global Supply Chain Management
  • 21 Jan, 2019
    /simsr/connects/events/819/sifico_-_2019 SIFICO - 2019
  • 01 Feb, 2019
    /simsr/connects/events/777/simsr_6th_hr_conference SIMSR 6th HR Conference
  • 07 Feb, 2019
    /simsr/connects/events/771/14th_simsr_global_marketing_conference 14th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference
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Any great institution is only as strong as the community around it. And the backbone of SIMSR community is, its Alumni. Our Alumni are reaching greater heights each day and setting benchmarks for the newer generation. AlumSpeaks- an exclusive interview series with our Illustrious Alums - up, close and personal on their journey, their experiences, their insights on the business landscape and their mantras of success to enlighten us all.


Mr.Asutosh Khanna Batch(1986-88)
Mr.JD Majethia Batch(1987-89)
Lata Pillai Batch(1986-88)
Lloyd Mathias Batch(1986-88)
Loveena Khatwani(1993-95)
Mr. Reuben Pandian Batch(1993-95)
Shivani Gupta Batch(1992-94)
Mr.Suraj Kaeley Batch(1986-88)
Mr.Vikas Arora Batch(1993-95)
Mr.Mehul Kapadia Batch(1996-98)
Mr.Sanjay Shah Batch(1990-92)
Mr.Ajay Kapur Batch(1989-91)
Mr.Aslam Karmali Batch(1989-91)
Mr.Anuj Bharagava Batch(1983-85)
Mr.Sudhir_Shenoy Batch(1997-00)
Sudha Jayashankar Batch(1987-89)
Mr.Prakash Nair Batch(1994-96)
Jaqueline Mundkur Batch(1989-91)
Ms Sona Mazumdar Batch(1998-20)
Mr Manuj Agarwal Batch(1996-98)
Mr Upendra Namburi Batch(1994-96)
Mr Makarand Teje Batch(1987-89)
Mr Jaikishin Chhaproo Batch(1995-97)
Mr Sanjay Podder Batch(1997-00)


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