Somaiya Games 2019: Turning an ending into new beginning


7th February 2019

Area of Interest



Somaiya Sports Academy

With a heavy yet satisfied  heart we notify that Somaiya Sports Academy is completing the final rounds of Somaiya Games 2019 tomorrow,7th February 2019. We will be completing Mens  11v11 football, Volleyball and Box cricket for women tomorrow, following the  first phase where  Basketball, Cricket, Squash, Taekwondo, Rink football for women and Pentathlon was completed on 25th January 2019. 

We have witnessed a massive response to this tournament where a total number of 1090 students participated across 9 sports and that too with a single goal to make their college the first ever Champion in Somaiya Games.

We appeal all the students, teachers and staff members  to come out and support your teams competing in the maiden season of Somaiya Games and looking forward to win The Somaiya Games Champions Trophy 2019. The winner for the same will be decided tomorrow. 

Be there to back your team and make them win it !

Kindly find attached schedule for final round of  Somaiya Games 2019.

See you at the field.