Ph.d in general management

The area encompasses various domains relating to general management. The domains for research include; (1) Strategy which would comprise corporate strategy, competitive strategy, co-creation, stakeholder management and innovation; (2) Entrepreneurship would include aspects of new venture creation, sources of funding for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial eco system, managing growth, entrepreneurial leadership, new venture teams, effectuation, entrepreneurship orientation, opportunity evaluation, business models, networking, family managed businesses, succession planning, conflict, social entrepreneurship and social return on investment among others; (3) Managerial and organizational communication would incorporate aspects of business communication, business etiquette and communication within teams; (4) Corporate social responsibility; Global citizenship, GRI guidelines, sustainability, and environmental concerns; (5) Business ethics and Corporate Governance ; and (6) Organization theory.


These fields are emerging and exciting to pursue and can create an impact both for industry & academia providing new research agendas to the researchers.

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