Ph.d. in data science and technology

With data being recognized as the new oil for organization, it provides large scope for the research scholars to explore and propose new digital models that will provide insights for the organisations to transform their businesses.


The most important aspect of any computer application and framework is the manner in which both structured and unstructured data are stored, retrieved and analysed to better predict the outcomes. Data Science has evolved as cross-functional management science that encompasses designs and use of algorithms, employing systematic and scientific methods to extract knowledge, create new models for effective and efficient decision-making.

Information is recognized as a Business Resource (IaBR) that supports all the stages of decision-making.While automation and digitization of routine processes has matured over the years, the businesses are exploring new avenues for transforming their business processes by leveraging the digital technologies. Businesses have to either foster Technology-Enabled Disruptive innovations or will gradually perish is the new mantra for survival.Big Data and Machine Learning applications, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, Data mining and Visualisation, Internet of Things and Embedded Systems are the new terms that an organisation wants to get associated with and are willing to encourage research and adopt new solutions in these areas. Digitisation leading to Digitalisation is the key strategy for the future of businesses.

Thus, some of the focus areas for scholars could be in line with:

Information Technology enabled cross-functional applications and Decision Making

Big Data Analytics, IoT, Web-based applications and analytics

Networking, Technology and Framework adoption, E-Services, Cyber Security

Digital interventions and its impact on cross-functional processes

Diffusion, M-Commerce, E-Learning, E-Governance, ICT applications, Digital Transformation

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