Master of Business Administration

Minor in Economics | MBA - Minor in Economics

Specific objective of this Specialisation is to create professionals with a holistic skill set to manage different upcoming roles in niche domains by applying the latest managerial practices and understanding the global and domestic economic environment and related disruptions.

The aim is to broadening the outlook and strengthening the skills of practicing managers in the domain of Economics and Economic Strategy to prepare them for the changing roles in dynamic world.

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Key Information


Economics specialization includes a mix of lecture methods, online delivery, case study discussions, and the role play activities. Students will submit assignments, projects as per the requirement of each course. Continuous evaluation will be based on projects, assignments, industry interface through guest lectures, round-table conferences, and Student Competitions.


Students opting for Minor in Economics will be benefited with sector specific knowledge who want to get into that domain and also provide generic concepts in subjects like regulatory and public policies.

Important Courses

  • Development Economics
  • Public Policy
  • Energy Economic
  • Environment Management
  • Regulatory Environment and Policies
  • Business Cycles and Economic Policies

Credit Requirements

The Economics minor specialization has a total of 600 marks. If we give one credit for 10 hours of teaching (UGC guidelines), the total credits for Minor are 18.