Master of business administration

Retail management

The economy today has changed drastically over the years. With digitization, it has become a lot easier to reach the consumers. The purchasing power of today’s population is also increasing with each passing day. This has bought an increase in the retail business. It has expanded extensively. E-commerce websites are in a bloom with digitization. Merchandising, retail selling, IT, buying of retail, franchising etc. are few of the necessary skills required to get into retail business or company. MBA in retail management courses is necessary to understand the industry completely and make a successful career in it. The blooming business of retail needs smart business minds and the course prepares the students exactly for that. They are imbibed with the qualities needed to handle retail management. With masters in retail management, each and every student gains perspective for a fierce and competitive market of the industry.  K. J. Somaiya’s Institute of Management strives to create a better future for the students to make them the leaders in their respective field of career in the long run.

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