Masters in financial management

The course of part time masters in financial management at K. J. Somaiya’s Institute of Management  provides a holistic approach of studies. Finance is one of the subject which keeps evolving almost every time of the year and our syllabus is in complete sync of the latest industry updates. With an aim to provide the best to the students, the part time Masters in Finance offers the updated modules which cover interesting topics like Risk Management and derivatives, corporate restructuring, wealth management, international finance, mergers, acquisitions, taxation etc. The demand for experts in financial management is ever growing and K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management provides the best talent to the industry in various sectors like asset management, investment banking, financial services and so on. The course opens up many opportunities for the students to take up multiple career roles. They are pushed to deliver to their best potential during assignments and projects. With developing analytical skills and thinking on their feet, they are made to solve problems and learn from it. In the fast-changing world of finance, students are kept fully updated to grasp the latest developments.