Master of Business Administration | MBA

The Institute provides holistic education to the students with its sprawling sports complex, facilities for yoga, foreign languages, music, experiential learning opportunities, international immersion at partner universities abroad and technology based educational facilities.

The students have the benefit of getting the best management educational inputs from experienced faculty, industry professionals, ambassadors, celebrated achievers and international academicians.

The B-School has evolved offering domain specific and multi disciplinary MBA programmes in line with the growing opportunities in various established, emerging and growing industry sectors. However, with the emergence of multi disciplinary knowledge industries and blurring of boundaries between knowledge domains, the key to remain contemporary and competitive lies in creating a road map for the student that enhances their adaptability and agility quotients.

The Institute has decided to offer the incoming students an opportunity to carve a pathway for themselves in planning their careers in line with their interests and aspirations. Thus providing them FREEDOM OF POSSIBILITIES in planning their future. From the academic year AY 2022, the Institute will be offering an MBA programme that merges the various specializations and super specializations into MAJOR and MINOR domains.

The students would also have an opportunity to avail of courses from sister Institutions on the Somaiya Vidyavihar campus, in line with international MBA programmes from leading universities that provide freedom and flexibility to the students to chart their own profiles and pathways.

The Institute welcomes students from India and abroad to be part of a growth revolution that needs professional managers. The B-School continues to remain committed to national and international quality deliverables and continuous improvement processes.

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Key Information


  • The curriculum design and delivery is a blend of traditional and contemporary management modules with a lot of emphasis on case studies, experiential learning, simulations, technology-based tools for learning, industry visits, international immersion programs, guest sessions apart from the regular chalk and talk.
  • The digital platforms like Zoom and Microsoft teams etc have given an opportunity to the Institute to network with the best industry and academia around the globe including our own alumni to interact and lecture our students through panel discussions, classroom sessions, mentoring etc.

Learning Opportunities

Career Opportunities for MBA students of K J Somaiya Institute of Management
  • Commercial banks, insurance sector,corporate finance and treasury, investment banking, wealth management, financial regulation sector, research and financial consultancy.
  • Sales, distribution, branding, customer service and customer relationship management, international marketing, marketing research and consultancy.
  • Operation management, manufacturing, materials management, quality control, supply chain management, and consultancy.
  • Human resource management like recruitment, selection, compensation, training and development, industrial relation, and consultancy like organization structure and behavior.
  • Big data analysis, e commerce, block chain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and analytics.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research and further study like Ph.D., research department of a corporate, Government department, regulatory organizations and teaching.


The Institute takes prides in transforming itself into a global campus in the heart of Mumbai offering a plethora of opportunities for growth and learning. The ability to avail of learning opportunities at the campus beyond the traditional classroom and from related and unrelated fields of knowledge for developing holistic perspectives and personalities is the differentiator and is in line with the current thinking of the new education policy.

  • Enhancing knowledge
  • Building careers
  • Begins through academia and continues through industry interactions,workshops,seminars, conferences and research. Approach that goes beyond a job to career and passion.
  • Be a socially responsible organization
  • Continuously upgrade,evolve and accept best practices
  • Create environment conducive for research
  • Merge technology with tradition to create globally transferrable skill sets
  • Rapidly increasing demand for MBAs from reputed B-Schools
  • With its 40+ year excellent track record, the B-School is well recognized among prospective students & their parents for value- based education that it offers
  • Increasingly large number of companies have been visiting the campus for the final as well as summer placements
  • Strong Legacy: Somaiya Trust is in Educational Services since 1959
  • Location: Industry interaction and Industry based project for students
  • Full Time Core Faculty: 10% - Senior Level Industry Experience and 80%+ are PhD’s
  • Linkages: With B-Schools abroad promotes Student and Faculty exchange programs and research

Proposed Structure

Proposed structure One MBA Programme (2022-24) (Credit and Marking Scheme Trimester wise):
Trimester   Total Marks Total Credits
Trim I Foundation Courses 800 24
Trim II Foundation Courses 800 24
Trim III Foundation Courses 900 27
Trim IV Major 900 27
Summer Intership   100 3
Trim V Major 200 6
Trim V Minor 300 9
Trim VI Major 200 6
Trim VI Minor 300 9
Trim VI Elective from Sister Colleges of SVU Grades  
Masters Thesis   100 3
    4600 138

Credits Requirements


There are an array of minors offered by Somaiya Vidyavihar University that the student can choose along with the major. It’s a huge academic opportunity for students to widen their horizons.

  • Foundation courses - 75
  • Major - 39
  • Minor - 18
  • Summer Internship - 3
  • Masters Thesis - 3
  • Total Credit - 138


Aspirants will be shortlisted for the selection process if they clear the cut-off of either CAT 2020/ XAT 2021 /CMAT 2021 / NMAT(Nov 2020 -10th Feb 2021) & GMAT score valid from Jan 2018 till 10th Feb 2021.The result of every aspirant will be declared based on aspirants Profile + performance in the GD and PI. The candidates can then again choose a programme based on their preference and result. The institute will allocate seats in programme based on result, seat availability and also allot waitlist number for other choices of the aspirant.