Library Facilities

Study space

Library students seating capacity is 150+. Students can use reading room from library opening to closing time (10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.). Seating arrangement is made available at second floor, mezzanine floor and third floor room no. 302.

Open Access

Library has an open access system whereby students are allowed to select books based on their preferences. Management section books have large variety and are available multiple copies for issue. The books are stacked in open racks arranged subject wise as per Dewey Decimal Classification schedule. Reference books are expensive and kept for reading only in the library.

Internet & Wifi Access

Institute provides internet facility to every user, user can use internet to access their email, e-databases, e-journals and ebooks within campus. Also institute provides every user their own internet login credentials (svv net id) to access wifi. User can use their credentials at two places at a time (eg. mobile and laptop). User get the wifi credentials at the time of when they get their identity card.

Auto Email Reminders

Every user gets an auto reminder for issued books before due date and after due date.Through this reminder user come to know the books which are due for return and they can renew books online by using reference link.

Online Search

Library has maintained local workstation opac and web based opac. Local workstation opac software is installed in library to search books availability in library. To retrieve library books information outside of campus user can use Web opac to know the status of books availability.


Institute issue RFID identity card to reduce circulation time of books issued by library and smoothen the circulation process. Students can save their time. This card is used for Identity card and Library Card.

Interlibrary Loan - Global Common Circulation

All member can borrow books from any library (somaiya campus)

All somaiya users will be able to borrow one book for 7 days from any other somaiya library.

Fine Credit Policy

Management has decided to implement fine credit system for the convenience of students for issuance of books from Library. According to the new system, the fine will keep getting accumulated for a student till it reaches Rs 1000 and student will have the facility to get books issued during that time. Once the fine amount reaches Rs 1000, the student's library account will get locked and no further issuance will happen. As soon as the student will pay up the fine, his/her library account will get activated in library software fine module. In case the student fail to deposit the fine, then the amount will be deducted from his / her caution money at the end of program and no books will be issued till that time.