• IBS is entirely a student driven activity with the faculty providing guidance/knowledge/value additions in the area of International Business
  • The International Business Centre of Excellence is involved in creating superior knowledge base on the various aspects (like policy, marketing, finance, personnel, operations & systems) of international business.


  • The center would be interacting with trade desks/industries to offer creative and innovative recommendations, consultancies, research work, certificate programs and specialized projects based on the global business requirements of the company.
  • The Center is interested in collaborating with International business schools/faculty for exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Research Area

  • CIPAR Area

    International business & Marketing


Liaise with international delegations, students and trade desks.


Objective:Functions involving international business (case studies, business games


The Centre has the annual International Business summit with a central theme where in eminent speakers disseminate their experience to the students and faculty.


The Centre also has the annual International Business competition among the top business schools in India where presentations are made on various international business topics.


The Centre publishes an online magazine every quarter that deals with the latest issues of international business. The articles are contributed by various top business schools in India, alumni, students & faculty of SIMSR.

Our Team

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