Customized Management Development Programmes (MDP)

K J Somaiya Institute of Management Customized MDPs are tailor-made for the clients long term and short term training needs for its Managers at various levels and Staff.

Threreby it is ensured that the clients teams are empowered to meet the unique threats and challenges the organization faces and also enable the client organization to leverage the emerging opportunities.

K J Somaiya Institute of Management offers Customized Leadership Development Programs, Senior Management Programs in the specific domains and also in General Management Programs, as required by the client.These programs enables the client to have a large pool of talent for job rotation.

With more than 12 years of experience in delivering Customized Programs for some of the world’s leading companies, Government of India(GOI) organisations, Public Sector Undertakings(PSU) and Trust. K J Somaiya Institute of Management is well equipped to design,customize and deliver MDP for your training is a unique experience for our clients to design and customize their training programme with us , from the first contact through till delivery. The fusion of our renowned, diverse faculty, total flexibility, thought leadership, learning related to content and partnership approach, make our Customized Program a unique learning experience for the client from the first contact.


Faculty (Full Time) & Industry Experts

K J Somaiya Institute of Management has core Faculty strength of over 77 Faculty who are a combination of academicians and industry experts. The Faculty represents one of the 7 Management areas as under:

  • Finance and Accounts including Taxation and Law
  • Marketing and International Business
  • Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Quantitative Techniques
  • Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Economics
  • Information Technology
  • General Management comprising of Strategy, Corporate Governance, Public Policy, Innovations, Business Communication and Principles of Management

About 58 K J Somaiya Institute of Management Faculty have completed their Ph.D. and the balance Faculty are at various stages of completion of their Ph.D.

Management Development Programs are facilitated by faculty who are skilled educators, advisers, consultants, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. The Faculty leverage their field-based research and business expertise resulting in the creation of knowledge resources that shape the practice of management. This exposure enhances the integration of knowledge and experience that enables participants to develop breakthrough ideas that can ultimately help drive the success of their client organizations.

For Management Development Programs, in addition to K J Somaiya Institute of Management Faculty, as and when appropriate, Industry Experts (Senior company Managers) are also invited by K J Somaiya Institute of Management to facilitate some of the topics in the customized MDPs.


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