Center Offerings

Research Collaborations

We work closely with clients and institutions to design and
conduct collaborative research in applied economics and finance areas.


Joint Conferences

We organize joint conferences on topics of mutual interest with the aim of having industry and academic interface. It provides platform for researchers to present their work and get inputs from the experts. It also helps in networking with industry and professionals. Conference proceedings are published for future use & reference.


Consultancy Projects

The individual faculty members undertake consultancy projects from clients to provide research based inputs on the current and prospective business challenges.


Panel Discussions

The centre designs panel discussion themes and identifies experts in the respective domains to invite for a panel discussion.

The deliberations are then shared with all stakeholders for their use in decision making.


Data Analytics & Insights

Economy, industry and sector data analytics is carried out to understand data patterns and behavior

Data Analytics - Using simple quantitative tools is done. Insights and inferences are drawn and reports are prepared and shared with the stakeholders.


Econometric Modeling

Using time series and cross section data of Indian economy, world economic outlook, UNTAD and other secondary published data Basic and time series econometric models are specified and estimated from time to time. These econometric models have been prepared for all the management domains like marketing, operations, HR and finance to get insights of data and policy inferences. Econometric models include estimation of regression equations with testing for violation in OLS assumptions like auto correlations, multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity. Panel data models, Time series models including testing for stationarity, ARCH GARCH causality, VAR, VECM.