Few major health related activities conducted in last 5 years are as follows:

  • Multi Diagnostic Camps 2009
  • Ankur Project (Prevention of blindness in young children due to Vitamin A deficiency)
  • Medical and Eye check-up Camp
  • Dental Camps
  • HIV / AIDS Awareness Programme
  • Yoga Classes
  • General Health awareness programme
  • National Pulse Polio Programme
  • Hepatitis-B vaccination
"Alleviate the suffering of people around us"

About 60-65 percent of the Indian population lives in rural areas where along with poverty and illiteracy there is health related problems. Due to their poverty, rural populations are unable to get basic medical facilities. Realising these practical difficulties, Godavari Biorefineries Ltd. conducts health related social activities through its rural development wing called Somaiya Grameen Vikas Kendra (SGVK) in its area of operation.

Our Initiative


(Somaiya Action for HIV/AIDS Support)

The Somaiya Trust is also actively involved in SAHAS -

a project of the K. J. Somaiya Medical Trust, consisting of a small team of individuals who are passionate about making a change and empowering those who are faced with the stark reality of being HIV positive.

Our Mission

To reach out to those infected & affected by HIV/AIDS & to work to halt the spread of the disease with empathy, responsibility & integrity.


Our Objectives

  • To Support home based care
  • To provide supplementary nutrition & hospital outreach services for PLHAs
  • To build the capacity of family caregivers through regular home visits & counseling.
  • To provide access to education for infected & affected children
  • To support family members in skill development for income-generation.
  • To support community initiatives in improving hygiene & sanitation of their locality.