Student Committees

Student Committees

K J Somaiya Institute of Management has 28 student-driven committees and clubs. These committees amd clubs focus on the holistic development of the students. The committees are divided into 4 broad categories namely, Core Committees, Subject/Area Specific Committees, Committees Focused towards the Professional Growth of the Students and Committees Focused Towards the Cultural Development of the Students. These committees and clubs are completely driven by the students of K J Somaiya Institute of Management under the guidance of their faculty mentors. They organise intra-college as well as inter-college events and competitions on a regular basis to give a feel of the professional world out there and help bring out the best in them.

Core Committees

Core Committees
  • Placement Committee

    Placement Committee

    The Placement Committee organises corporate relations meetings and guest lectures to facilitate campus placements

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  • Alumni Committee

    Alumni Committee

    The Alumni committee acts a bridge between the alumni & the institute, and provides a networking platform to the alumni in the form of various initiatives and events.

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  • Student Council

    Student Council

    Student Council acts as a bridge between management and students, and facilitates all students committees

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  • Public Relations and Branding Committee

    Public Relations & Branding Committee

    The PR & Branding Committee is responsible for media relations, social media and branding of the institute

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  • Admissions Committee

    Admission Committee

    The face of the institute to aspirants, it engages in promotional campaigns and end-to-end activities of the admissions process

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  • Guest Lectures Committee

    Guest Lecture Committee

    Interface between the institute and the corporate world facilitating academic forum for industrial interactions

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Subject/Area Specific Committees

Subject Specific Committees
  • Enactus Somaiya Social Cell

    Enactus Somaiya Social Cell is the social entrepreneurship cell of the institute.

  • Interface Committee

    Interface helps students enhance their marketing acumen through relevant experiences

  • Pathfinder Committee

    Pathfinders, the entrepreneurship cell of the institute, aims to nurture and facilitate entrepreneurial ideas

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  • Finstreet Committee

    Finstreet conducts events centered around the theme of Finance throughout the year

  • Retail Lab Committee

    Bridging the gap between Students and Retail Industry

  • CII-Yi Committee

    CII YI works for promoting leadership skills through our impactful activities divided primarily into three areas: ‘Youth Leadership’, ‘Nation Building’ & ‘Thought Leadership’

  • Forse Committee

    Operations and Supply Chain Management Committee of the institute

  • Humanist Committee

    Institute’s HR committee which focuses on building leadership skills in students through various experiential activities

  • Acumen Committee

    The Quizzing and Debating Society of the institute

  • Quantinuum Committee

    Quantinuum aims at enhancing students’ analytical abilities and quantitative skills

Professional Growth Committees

Professional Growth Committees
  • Consultancy Committee

    Consultancy@SIMSR delivers quality services to corporate clients by working on live projects.

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  • International Business Society

    IBS increases the awareness of International Business among the students of the institute

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  • Somaiya Toastmaster Club

    Toastmasters is a world leader in communication and leadership development.

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  • Aspire Club

    Aspire Club ensures and encourages participation to help the students win prestigious competitions organised by B-schools and MNCs.

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Cultural Development Committees

Cultural Development Committees
  • Students Activity Forum

    Students' Activity Forum is the centre of cultural activities at the institute.

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  • Sports Committee

    Organises and coordinates intra and inter-institute sport events for all round development of students

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  • Gita Club

    The club aims at inclusive growth of students on various facets of life

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  • Womens Development Cell

    Organize events, workshops and programmes on gender amity and women’s welfare

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  • SIMSR Talkies Committee

    SIMSR Talkies showcases movies and documentaries

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  • Mauj Club

    Mauj is the music club of the institute

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  • Photography Club

    The club gives exposure and a levelled platform to all the photographers of the institute

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