Our Founder

Somaiya Vidyavihar was established by Padmabhushan Late Shri K J Somaiya in 1959. An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Visionary, he firmly believed that modern education had to have its roots in strong values. This underlying theme and legacy of Somaiya Vidyavihar was continued and strengthened by the late Dr. S K Somaiya.


Somaiya Vidyavihar aims to provide meaningful and relevant education that emphasizes both the liberal and professional aspects of higher education, steeped in rich Indian Culture and heritage and rooted in universal religious philosophies of the world.


Within this context, Somaiya Vidyavihar provides educational opportunities to all qualified students to discover and disseminate knowledge in order to serve communities around the world. We firmly believe in imparting education that teaches not only how to make living but also how to live as well.

Educational Opportunities

Within this context, Somaiya Vidyavihar provides educational opportunities to all qualified students to discover and disseminate knowledge in order to serve communities around the world.


As a centre of learning dedicated to education, research and service, Somaiya Vidyavihar gives experiential learning in all its educational programmes to produce educated learners who are awake to new, challenging possibilities. We build on our existing strengths, including engineering, biomedical sciences, and professional education, and pursue productive partnerships with other outstanding institutions.


Somaiya Vidyavihar recognizes that education is attained, in part, through the activities of the students themselves. It strives to provide and maintain a corps of scholars, lecturers, and educators dedicated to

  • Provide a well-rounded liberal arts education with a concentration in either the science, the humanities, or the professions
  • Provide service to the communities by increasing their ability to make practical application of knowledge
  • Develop conceptual thinking ability and nurture the inquiring mind of each student
  • Encourage optimum physical development and the safeguarding of health
  • Provide an important engine for research and economic development
  • Offer an array of master’s and doctoral programs in areas of importance to the social and economic development of the society and the communities
  • Develop a community of scholars with talent and expertise that will garner regional, national and international recognition
  • Continue to build a culture of global awareness through internationally focused teaching and learning activities and by cultivating collaborative relationships with international programs, higher education institutions and global communities and yet remain deeply entrenched in Indian cultural values and universal religious and spiritual philosophies

Academic Excellence

We are committed, foremost to academic excellence and intellectual competence. Freedom of expression and inquiry, exchange of ideas, cultural activities, intensive classroom instruction, and numerous informal events of the Somaiya Vidyavihar community combine to ensure that each student receives a thorough education in tune with the global realities of a rapidly evolving world.

Proud Heritage

Somaiya Vidyavihar is an institution that is proud of its heritage, global in the reach of its ideas and universal in its service.


Somaiya Vidyavihar encompasses 34 institutions, with more than 39,000 students and 1,500 faculty. Its educational institutes are spread across two main campuses - a 50 acre complex in Vidyavihar and a 28 acre complex in Sion both located in the heart of Mumbai besides a number of smaller campuses across rural Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat. Currently we offer Degree, Diploma & Certificate courses at Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels. Somaiya Vidyavihar also runs a few autonomous Post-Graduate Courses, Vocational Training Courses and High Schools.


Shri Samir Somaiya, a Cornell University and Harvard alumni is the President of the Somaiya Vidyavihar. Under his stewardship, invaluable direction is provided to all the educational institutes within the campus.