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The institute has a well equipped library with over 97,000 books on a wide range of management subjects. It has unique blend of books varying with the diverse courses covering specializations in Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and Data Science for the MBA, MCA and part time Master Degree courses.


The Library also subscribes to 14 different newspapers, 60+ National and International Periodicals. It has a large number of journals relating to managerial subjects and wide range of CD's.


The Library has enough space for study. The layout of the library is designed as reading room and a general administrative staff room with E-Journal viewing lab and stack room. In the stack room area books are arranged in two sections.

  • General Home-Lending section
  • Reference Section

It has an Open access system whereby students are allowed to select books based on their preferences. General home lending section books have large variety and are available multiple copies for issue.


The books are stacked in open racks arranged subject wise as per Dewey Decimal Classification schedule. Reference Books are expensive and kept for reading and referring only in the library. In addition the library has an extremely user friendly online computer system making it simple and convenient for its end users the students.

Library Timings
Monday to Saturday
10:00 AM- 08:00 PM
10:00 AM- 05:30 PM
Lunch Time:
Library will remain close from 01:30 PM t0 2:00 PM
During Exam:
Library will remain open from 10:00 AM t0 9:00 PM
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